August 4, 2013 at 7:15 PM

I had the honor of meeting Elliot Adams and his wife Ann, on the Journey for Justice.

I heard Elliot speak at the Peacemakers of Schoharie Valley.  His description of the torture of the men in Guantanamo is stomach churning.  How can we, as Americans, allow this to happen?

Elliot has been fasting in solidarity with the men in Guantanamo.  The plight of these men is horrific.  Can you imagine being kept without charge, without trial for more than 11 years, with no hope of being relesased?  With no way to communicate with loved ones? Without having seen one’s family in all those years?

The most basic right in our constitution is the right to a fair trial and face one’s accusers.  Holding men with no charge or trial is illegal and against the constitution. It is un-American.

I hope that people will come on Sunday, August 4 at 7:15 PM when Elliot and Tarak Kauff will end their fasts. Meet at 280 Central Avenue, Albany, NY

For the full description, see:


Lynne Jackson


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