Media Coverage & Coming Home

Channel 13, WNYT did a great piece last night on my coming home from the Journey for Justice.  Watch it here:

The Altamont Enterprise published photos of our first day walking.  At Stewart’s in Guilderland, I had run into Jerry Hauser (who I had not seen in years) and he noticed that Melissa Hale Spenser, editor of the Altamont Enterprise, was just driving up (see:

Melissa was out taking photos for another story, when she spotted us.  The photos are published here:

Best of all, the Altamont Enterprise published and editorial about Yassin Aref.  In the print version (I highly recommend subscribing, at $29 a year, it is the best bargain!), the editorial is accompanied by a startling drawing – me walking, Yassin in an hour-glass prison with the sands running out, and the women and children walking. A very moving drawing.

My friend from Chicago, Barbara Lyons, emailed me that she got a blister at a protest.  Public protest is something we should all engage in, but, I do not want people to get blisters!  To encourage more people in peaceful public protest, this is what I learned about preventing blisters:

  • Wear two pairs of socks.  This way, the socks rub against each other and not against your foot
  • If you think you are going to get a blister or have one, use moleskin to protect it.  Bandaids don’t work.  Moleskin is amazing stuff.  Even the ER doctor recommended moleskin.  So, have a package at the ready.  You can cut the moleskin to the right size, and moleskin is stretchy and can be formed around the curved parts of the foot.
  • If possible, don’t lance the blister.  The outer skin will protect the blister while the fluid in it is reabsorbed.
  • Baby your feet.  Wear comfortable shoes.  If your feet hurt, its difficult to go to protests!

By the way, Barbara was protesting the wrongful incarceration of Gregory Koger.  I met Gregory in Chicago, and he is a wonderful, amazing activist.  He was sent to jail yesterday for videotaping (his case is outrageous, a travesty of justice).  Please sign his petition at:

I am glad to be home!  The weather yesterday and today has been perfect walking weather, unlike the stifling heat I experienced.  I am glad we went paddling on the Susquahanna and I am even more glad my husband, Dan Van Riper rescued me from the river.  And, I am very glad we delivered the petitions to the judge!


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