Day 7

Today began fairly early – Susan DuBois was my driver and we were on the road by 5:45 or so.  We began where we left off – at a campground on Route 7 just a bit outside of Oneonta.  We had to stop there last night because the bugs were eating us alive.

In her head, Susan retraced our steps last night to figure out where my phone might have fallen out of my pocket. We had a plan – she would drop me off, stick around for long enough to see if I could tolerate the biting bugs, and then she would search the possible places where my phone might be.  If she could not find the phone, then, she would buy me a track phone.  In addition, she would buy me softer, thicker socks and more mole skin.

I was off!  No bugs, a beautiful morning!  There was a little fog, and I was concerned about visibilty. I put a bicycle blinky light on the top of my walking stick – between that and the vest, everyone could see me!

I had only walked an hour or so, when Mari Matsuo joined me!  She is from Oneonta.  I had met her sister yesterday, they look like twins (but they are not).

It was great to have Mari as a walking companion – she was energetic and would help me out by taking photos.  Taking photos slows me down, so it was great to have Mari take some pictures.

Susan returned, and guess what – SHE FOUND MY PHONE!  Wonderful!  I was so happy she found my phone.  It had fallen out at Margaret’s house when we were transferring my bags at the end of the evening.  It had slipped out of my pocket and silently fallen into the grass.

Susan and Mari went off to move Mari’s car closer, and I got on the phone to tell Maureen Aumand that the phone was found.  I also told Maureen about my blister.  Maureen, ever concerned for my health, decided to call John Davis, the retired physician I stayed with a couple of nights ago.

Stu, our host last night, lives on Route 7 in Otego.  Very convenient!  So, around 8 we stopped for a short rest break, which turned into coffee and toast and me talking waaaaay too much!  Finally, our host made suggestions that maybe we should be on our way.

After our stop, we were on our way again.  I had more voice mails – one from John Davis suggesting I should have my blister looked at – better safe than sorry, so to speak.  He had already called Fox hospital in Oneonta to pave the way.  I listened to my voice mail, and thought – oh dear! Really?  And did what I often do – ignore it!!!

Mari returned and we were walking and talking.  A beautiful morning.  But, after a while (about 9 miles) I began to tire and my foot, well, the blister . . .

So, Susan and I drove Mari back to her car and then followed her to the hospital.  I must say, the people at the Emergency Room at Fox Hospital are really, really nice and treated me very well.  Three hours later, Dr. Cade told me that the recommended treatment for a blister was not to lance it – that the skin is protective, and, the body will reabsorb the blister.  He also said the blister was not infected at all and told me what to look for. He did not tell me not to walk on it.  However, the discharge papers said I should keep off it.  So, I decided to take the rest of the day off!

Susan and I went to lunch at #1 Chinese Restaurant – delicious!  Then, Fred Childs had bought me a massage at Able Movement in Oneonta with Chelsea.  Susan drove me over to Able Massage and I had a wonderful, wonderful, relaxing massage.  It was great!

Now, Kathy  and Steve have arrived from Albany.  We will have dinner with Stu.  My husband, Dan Van Riper will arrive soon.  All is good!

Tomorrow, I will get off my feet and we will paddle the Susquahanna.  Like walking on my hands!


2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Ahoy, and happy paddling to you!

  2. Hey Lynne,

    Good morning to you and any other walkers of support. I’ve been away the past two days , but have just finished reading your Day 7 report.

    You simply amaze me, Lynne, and I will never be able to say that enough times.

    I LOVE the idea of paddling the Susquehanna today and though I won’t be with you physically myself, I definitely am with you all in mind and spirit. AND, you’re off that blister for a little while. That’s a relief.

    I’m so very excited about this whole situation and I can’t imagine that it won’t make a difference. Wonderful press as you’ve gone along. Did Jim Poole ever meet with you in Cobleskill? I did email him about you.

    Well, I’m glad you found your phone and I wish you the best as the end draws near. Know that I’m with you still.

    Much love and appreciation,


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