Day 6

Joe Piette and Mike Ehling from Philadelphia joined me this morning.  Joe walked with me while Mike was our driver.  Joe and Mike work on the Fort Dix 5 Family Support Committee.  The morning had a touch of a chill – for about 30 seconds.  It was clearly going to be another scorcher!

We started east of Cooperstown Junction, which is where the Susquahanna river takes a turn to follow Route 7 (or is it the other way around?)  However, the bugs were attacking me, and some big black flying bug bit my right arm through the compression sleeve I wear. I was very annoyed!

The country was gorgeous.  Just gorgeous. Early in the morning, my friend Russell Ziemba and Cynthia Pooler joined us.  So, four of us walking!  I was so happy to see Russell and it was great to meet Cynthia.  I was so pleased that Russell would come visit on the walk!

Walking into Oneonta was somewhat of a challenge.  As we approached this small city, the shoulders narrowed, and deteriorated. We often had to walk between a guard rail and the road, on crumbling asphalt.  It is very pedestrian unfriendly to walk into even a small city like Oneonta.  This country was clearly made for cars, not people!

Today I was scheduled to speak at the Quaker meeting at noon.  Paddy Lane arranged the presentation and kindly arranged for us to shower and eat at Margaret’s house, across the street from the presentation.  I would like to mention that the Quakers meet in a room in the Presbyterian Church.

Margaret has a beautiful house, a good size, with open spaces.  I had an AIR CONDITIONED room to myself and a shower.  It was wonderful.  Did I mention she let me have an AIR CONDITIONED room?

We had a fabulous spread of food and made sandwiches and talked.  We went over to the  church a little before noon.  More than 20 people attended the meeting – I thought this an excellent attendance given the heat, time of day and topic.  The Honorable Dominick Calsolaro and his wife Mary made the trip to Oneonta.  It was great to see them.

I gave my presentation, Dominick spoke about the Albany Resolution, and Joe spoke about the Fort Dix 5.  We spoke for about an hour, then opened up the floor to questions and answers.  People asked great questions and we had a good discussion.  I think the consensus among the people present were that they had not heard about preemptive prosecution before, and were surprised and concerned that this is happening.

Next, we brought Dominick and Mary back to Margaret’s with us.  Margaret and her friend from Brazil brought out more food – an Iranian dish – and we ate and ate and ate.  We talked, and I told stories about the various visits I have made to the FBI in Albany.  We had a great time.

But, I needed a siesta, so after picture taking, I lay down for a nap in the AIR CONDITIONED room (did I tell you that the room had AC?).

Finally, around 5:15, I finally got up, and we prepared to leave. Margaret had let me wash my filthy filthy clothes and I packed them up.  I noticed I had been scratching at the awful bug bite I had gotten in the morning.  Because of my breast cancer treatment, I have no lymph nodes on my right arm.  Because of this, I will always have a risk of lymphodema or swelling of the right arm, and bug bites can cause this.  Turns out, Margaret is a nurse practitioner, and she kindly put antibiotic cream and band-aides on my bug bites.  I lucked out!

While I was napping, my next driver, Susan DuBois from Albany arrived.  It was great – Joe, Susan and I walked through Oneonta, while Mike was driving.

We finally quite when we passed by a swampy area to the west of Oneonta and the bugs began to feast on me.  Mike took us back to Margaret’s to Susan’s car and we bid Joe and Mike goodbye. I was sad to see them go – they were wonderful companions.

Susan and I drove to Stu Anderson’s in Otego.  We will stay here two nights.

The only downside of the day is that somewhere late in the day, my cell phone fell out of my pocket.  Oopsie!  So, if you are trying to call me, oh ,dear, I don’t have the phone!

We will try to solve this lack of phone problem tomorrow.

Today was a wonderful day!

Lynne Jackson

Here are some photos taken by Joe yesterday

Max, me and Susan

Max, me and Susan

Max calls the cows

Max calls the cows

Little Rikki was adorable!


A cool barn

A very cool farm house

Below are photos I took with my iPod



Fog and trees

Fog in the morning

Cool Building

A really interesting building in Schnevus


Dan took this photo of me outside of Cobleskill.  You can see his shadow on the right.


Update – Posted on July 30 with photos

Here are some great photos that Joe Piette took on July 19, Day 6

Cynthia, me and Russell Ziemba, reaching Oneonta

JUL18J4J9C_1 - Copy



Honorable Dominick Calsolaro, me and Dominick’s wife, Mary

JUL18J4J9E_1 - Copy

The presentation at the Quaker Meeting in Oneonta

JUL18J4J9D_1 - Copy

Cynthia, Russell, me and Joe Piette


JUL18J4J9A_1 - Copy

The group at Margaret’s house after the presentation at the Quaker Meeting


Me and Susan DuBois


A photo from the day before, Tuesday of me, Joe and Max


One thought on “Day 6

  1. The Friday, July 19 Oneonta DAILY STAR has a half page article plus photo by Denise Richardson–excellent! Lynne is a great speaker! And she had an air-conditioned room at my home, too!

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