Day 5

Got a late start today – I spent too much time enjoying breakfast with my host – John Davis. John drove me to my starting point, and then he drove my bags to my next destination – Alice Siegfried in Oneonta. The day began with the tiniest whiff of a chill, but soon got hot. Did I mention that it was very hot today? Steve Downs was my driver today, and he would wait up ahead with ice and water. Max and his friend Susan and her dog Rikki arrived. Rikki was quite adorable! We walked through gorgeous country, arriving in Schenevus. Schenevus is a very nice little village a number of miles east of Oneonta. We stopped at an appropriate place: “Justice Court”. Just as we were about to go to lunch, who should pull up but Jim and Ann Clune from Binghamton! They have been working on helping me at the Binghamton end of the trip. My husband Dan emailed me to let me know “that Schenevus was originally called Jacksonboro! But they didn’t appreciate that fine name!” We all went to lunch in a nice cafe called Chief Schenevus. At this point, Steve, Ann and Jim went on their way, and Max, Susan and I went to Alice Siegfried’s house in Oneonta for a siesta. I am not on schedule. I have gotten behind. The heat is overwhelming and does not give me enough hours in the day to meet my goal – even if I leave at dawn. So, what to do? We are going to paddle to Nineveh! On Saturday, everyone is invited down for a paddle down the river. This is really cool, as Jeanne Finley noted:

Some fun: you know, of course, that Nineveh is an ancient city in northern Iraq? So “paddling to Nineveh” is appropriate given our northern Iraqi prisoner…from Wikipedia: ancient Assyrian city on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, and capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. It was the largest city in the world for some fifty years[1] until it was sacked by an unusual coalition of Medes, [these are thought to be ancestors of the Kurds] Persians, Babylonians, Scythians and Cimmerians in 612 BC. Its ruins are across the river from the modern-day major city of Mosul, in the Ninawa Governorate of Iraq. “An unusual coalition” indeed!

Update – posted on July 30 (with some photos)

Alice lives in downtown Oneonta and gave us such nice hospitalitiy.  While I was napping, Joe Piette and Mike Ehling drove all the way from Philadelphia to join the Journey for Justice!

I finally got up around 5 or so, and off we went, picking up from where we ended for lunch in Schenevus, at the “Justice Court.”

Joe , Max and I were walking.  My favorite part was when we approached a farm, and Max observed that there were a lot of young cows facing the barn.  He stood at the fence and called the cows.  All the cows turned around and came right up to Max.  I was very impressed (you can see a photo of this posted on Day 5).

Eventually, Max and Susan left.  With Mike as our driver, Joe and I finally quit walking sometime around dusk. We had dinner at the #1 Chinese Restaurant in Oneonta.  I thought the food was quite good.  I had shrimp dumplings which were delicious!

Mike, Joe and I went back to Alice’s.  She was having a dinner party and movie night – with some Unitarian Universalists!  Alice was very kind to introduce me to her friends, and let me speak a few minutes about why I was walking to Binghamton.  After I finished speaking, I passed my petition in support of Yassin around the table and everyone signed it.

It had been a very long day.  I made sure I got the room with the air conditioner, and it was off to bed finally.  We had a big day coming up tomorrow – a presentation in Oneonta.  And, I was very behind in reaching my walking destination – but, I was too tired to figure out where I as supposed to be!

Here are some photos Joe Piette took:

Our shadows – me and Joe

JUL18J4J3_1 - Copy



We started at the Justice Court (seemed so appropriate)


Me on the phone


Journey for Justice

JUL18J4J2_1 - Copy

– Lynne Jackson


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  1. Paddle on, lady! Sending support and good thoughts your way from MA.

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