Day 3

Hot.  It was so hot today.  I do not think I have ever experienced such heat for such a long period of time.

The day started early, with Ann Adams picking me up at 6:00.  It took 45 minutes to drive to where I left off yesterday.

Walking in the early morning was quite pleasant. I walked down into the Schoharie Valley.  The views were simply spectacular.  There was little traffic, a lovely morning. Here if a photo I took in Central Bridge:


But, as the morning wore on, it got hotter and hotter.  I was very happy when my friend Cathy Callan caught up with me.  Cathy was my morning driver. It was a pleasure to sit in her air conditioned car.

Walking in such heat, in the sun, made me appreciate every tiny bit of shade, every whiff of a breeze.

At about 11:30, it was clear it was too hot for me to keep going, so, we went to a diner for water and food.  There, my friend Lucy joined us and we planned our next moves.  Cathy called Elliot Adams and asked if I could nap at his house.

Elliot Adams is a most amazing person – fasting in solidarity with the men imprisoned in Guantanamo.  I know his fasting has educated a lot of people about the horrors of Guantanamo. I admire his dedication.

I had a wonderful nap at the Adams’ and was happy to see Ann Adams again.  She is so supportive of my walk, she is going to pick me at 5:00 AM tomorrow!

The Journey for Justice made the Wall Street Journal:

But, better yet, the appeal made FireDogLake:

After my nap, Lucy drove me back to where I stopped.  She came and checked on me every half hour.  She brings the best stuff – she has a fan attached to a bottle that squirts water.  She filled the bottle with water and then froze it.  She would spritz me with this ice cold water in the face – heaven!

I arrived in Cobleskill around 8:00 PM. I am back on schedule! Tomorrow its on to Worcester!

Sorry so few  photos today – I can’t get my iPod to connect to the network here consistently.

Lynne Jackson


4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Congratulations on the media coverage, and on getting so far in this heat; I fear for your health – as I fear for Elliot Adams’ – and admire how you – and he – bring attention to serious issues. These issues are connected to others, like those that Trayvon Martin’s death and aftermath have highlighted, and which brought dozens of people to the steps of the Capitol this morning. Your Save the Pine Bush issues are connected to these others too, for a nation that will not cherish,honor, and protect all people and the environment will surely destroy them — and itself in the process. Thank you for Journeying for Justice

  2. What a beautiful and true comment, Mardi. I was thinking about you yesterday Lynne and was glad to read that you took good care of yourself and delayed walking until it was a bit cooler.

    Wanted to let you know that Democracy Now! covered the walk briefly this morning with a short video clip of you speaking at the start of the march on Friday evening:

  3. Lynne,
    I am with you every step of the way as you walk to Binghamton. More and more people are watching what you are doing for Yassin and are also with you. You are smart to pace yourself and rest during the hottest hours.

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