Day 2

Day 2 of Journey for Justice!

Today, I started out a little late – at 8:40.  Not a hour to beat the heat and make it to Routes 7 & 20 by 2:00, so I could meet with the Peacemakers of Schoharie at 3:00.

Maureen Aumand was a wonderful host last night, and had a party to celebrate the first day.  She make me eggs and English muffins for breakfast.
Kathy was the driver for the day.  We drove down Route 155 in the Albany Pine Bush only to run into the Pine Bush Triathlon!  Normally, I would be participating in the triathlon, but, this little walk took precedence.
I must thank Fred Childs for loaning me a walking stick.  A walking stick makes it much much easier to walk long distances.
I expected that today I would be alone. Boy, was I surprised!  EIGHT people joined me – from a few minutes to the entire time.
First, my friend Ellie Bernstein arrived.  She is working on a indie gogo for her next movie.  She made the movie “Waiting for Mercy” about the Aref-Hossain case.
Next, Fred arrived with his walking sticks.  Then, my friend, Kathy Pelton, who I had not seen in much too long arrived.  Kathy writes to Yassin.
And the, Mrs. Hossain and her two boys arrived!Ellie, Fatima, Kathy, Fred
OK, I have a confession to make, walking, walking, walking is a lot of fun.  The scenery is gorgeous.  Once we turned onto Route 7, there is little traffic.  After turning on Route 7, some people were across the street enjoying their pool. We said hi to them and they called out to us “Are you the people walking to Binghamton?”  When we said yes, they responded with hearty approvals.
As the morning wore on, the heat came.  But we had a nice breeze.  And, a lot of up hills.  A lot.  Kathy Pelton knew the route, because she lives near where we walked, and she would say, oh, ice cream around the corner!  It seemed to take forever, but, finally we arrived at ice cream.

The whole crew
A note about ice cream, all the Hossains were fasting – no eating, nothing to drink, not even water.  I cannot imagine how hard that is!  But, for the holy month of Ramadan, it is essential.
At the ice cream shop, the Hossains left for Albany, Kathy driving.  I think Kathy has been a fabulous driver – she scouted the entire route, noted the mile markers and told us what to expect.  It was great!
By around 2:00, after we had marched up a lot of hills (OK, Steve Downs told me that there would be a large rise in elevation at this point, but, I paid him no attention.  I probably should have taken this into account when planning the route!) I stopped for the day.  Kathy picked us up and delivered me to my afternoon destination – the home of Louise and a presentation by the Peacemakers of Schoharie County.  An amazing group – formed to oppose the Vietnam War.

I had the privilege of meeting Elliot Adams.  He is on hunger strike for the men in Guantanamo.  He gave an amazing summary of the situation in Guantanamo, and I had to hold back tears.  Guantanamo needs to be closed YESTERDAY and ALL the men sent home. As an American, I am embarrassed, horrified, that we have such a place here.  Appalling.
Yassin Aref sent me an email today, I will share it with you:

Dada Lynne hope you are well, healthy and ready for your walk!  Yes indeed I wish if I can be there and walk with you As you know I play Soccer and I am good in walking and even in running.   I thought I am going to run here, in the yard, every day for the same distance you do, but now Ramadan is here which may slow me dawn! however I will walk some every day and as I told you my soul, heart and mind are walking with you and flying above your head all the way.
I sent you something” long walk to freedom”  after you requested  hopefully you received and  like that,   please let me know, and make sure some one will send me the coppy of the petition.
be well and take it easy . I don’t know what to say and how I will ever able to thank you enough for all your help and support.
I wish you know how much I appreciate what you are doing.

please stay healthy and take good care of yourself.
zor zor sopasI will now teach you two Kurdish words: “Dada” means sister and xor sopas means “thank you”.

Near the end of my trek, my friend Fred Boreali arrived in a car with presents!!! Presents for me! He had a frozen bottle of water (heaven!), sun screen (thank you!), and heavy duty bug spray.  He only stayed and walked a few minutes, but the presents were wonderful.

Fred Boreali

Tomorrow, I start at 6:30.  I will be 3.5 miles east of Routes 7 and 30.  Come join me!!!posted by Lynne Jackson

PS – Thank YOU everyone!


One thought on “Day 2

  1. As of 7/15, 6:05 p.m.–755 signatures on the online petition! Lynne, you must have over a hundred more handwritten ones. Let’s aim for over 1,000 signatures by July 23 for the judge. Be sure to sign the petition if you haven’t already (address on home page of this blog).
    Be well and walk in balance, Lynne!

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