Day 1

We have completed the first day of our Journey for Justice!

We had many adventures on the 12.7 miles we walked.

About 20 people sent us off from the Pine Hills Public Library. We started out and walked west on Route 20. We had 8 students from Justice by the Pen in the Bronx, Shamshad Ahmad, president of the mosque, and many, many others – one from as far away as Massachusetts.


We took a lunch break at the Western Diner on Western Avenue. There were six of us and my friend, Lucy, the driver. We were seated at a large table, and I took out my iPad to read the Times Union that had been published about our send off:

I started to read the article, and our waitress, Emma, said excitedly “Are you those people! I am so excited, I can’t wait to tell my husband! My whole family is in the military and they agree this is so wrong.”

Emma made our visit so welcoming. And she happily signed our petition.
Emma and Lynne

Mrs. Hossain, Mohammed Hossain’s wife and two of their daughters, joined us for many miles of the walk. It was wonderful to see her.

Our next stop was the Stewart’s on Western Avenue and 146. When we walked in, our story was playing on the TV! And, we ran into Melissa Hale Spenser, the editor of the Altamont Enterprise in which appeared and excellent article about our walk:

Our walk ended at Western Avenue and Dunnsville Road. My companions left, and Steve was to drive out to get me. While I was waiting, I talked to the man who lived in the house, and he was so supportive he signed the petition.

Our day ended with a dinner at Maureen’s house – a wonderful end to a beautiful Day 1 of the Journey for Justice.

Lynne Jackson


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Good Luck on your continued journey, Lynne. There are many who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

  2. All the more reason to Journey for Justice: an acquittal today in the Trayvon Martin case. “Failed justice” is the cry around the country. We certainly know about that!

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